Charlotte Dawson Announces The Birth (& Name) Of Her New Baby

Charlotte Dawson has announced the birth – and the name – of her second child. She has told her friends and fans, ‘He’s here… our little rainbow Jude Dawson Sarsfield came into the world on the 30th July at 02:13am, weighing 8lb 8oz. He made his speedy entrance in an hour of us getting to hospital.. I was adamant for a section but his head came out on the theatre table with no chuffin pain relief guys!!!

Everybody did warn me saying your second baby flies out… hahahaha I wish I did listen, well my birthing plan went completely the other way… I pushed nearly a 9 pounder out, but our little Judey baby is a dream come true, happy & healthy and we are so in love.

I can’t wait for Noah to meet him & be the best big brother… special they had the same hats on when they were born, massive thank you to Blackpool midwives, nurses & doctors for being amazing & listening to me scream the hospital down.

Love you all thank you for all your messages, currently in our little baba bubble, crazy to think I was having contractions this time last night… but thought it was another false alarm, deffo wasn’t HES CHUFFIN ERE our boyo @matt_sarsfield our family is now complete.. the 4 musketeers.’

The arrival of the couple’s second child follows a dramatic few days, after Charlotte’s waters broke on Friday and saw a dash to hospital. She wrote on Instagram on Saturday, ‘Oh guys it’s been a bloody weird 24 hours…my waters broke last night but no pain managed to sleep through it. Just getting checked now as movements been slow, happier I can hear his little heart beat now.

Pictured below is Charlotte’s mum, Tracy, meeting her new grandson for the first time.

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