Chris Webb Formally Applies To Be Labour Parliamentary Candidate For Blackpool South

Chris Webb has today (Thursday 2nd February) announced that he has formally applied to become the Parliamentary Candidate for his home constituency of Blackpool South. He says, ‘I have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support from countless CLP members, affiliate trade unions and residences. I promise I won’t let you down.’

Chris has received most positive endorsements from Blackpool South’s former Labour MP Gordon Marsden and Andy Burnham, Maylor of Greater Manchester.

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  1. Absolute chancer. The king of photo opportunities much like the one we have now. From what I can tell he has only ever worked for MPs, Labour Party or his dads trade union all very short term gifted appointments hardly the real world. Will only ever do as he’s told by his paymasters. Boasts he was the Deputy Police Crime Commissioner along side Clive Grunshaw one guess who his best mate is… his dad! Better sticking with Benton this guy is not an improvement so why bother.

  2. Mr Greenwood, What’s the matter with you.
    Did something heavy fall on your head ?
    Benton is Tory scum.
    Tory scum don’t care about the North, the poor, or anyone but their own class which I’m certain you don’t belong to.
    Stop thinking these Tory scum represent your class interests. They don’t.
    You have been lied to.

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