Chris Webb Selected As Blackpool South Labour Candidate In Next General Election

Chris Webb has been selected as Labour candidate for the constituency of Blackpool South in the next General Election. He won the Labour selection by just 3 votes – 83 to 80.

Announcing the results of the selection process Labour North West said, ‘Blackpool South deserves better than this government – Labour will restore the hope and optimism our country needs.  Britain and Blackpool need change.’

Following the last election on 12th December 2019, Blackpool South is currently held by the Conservative Party, with sitting MP Scott Benton gaining 16,247 votes and having a majority of 3,690 with a constituency turnout of 56.8%. The then Labour candidate, Gordon Marsden, polled 12,557 votes.

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  1. Excellent choice. Both candidates were well suited to be an MP and its a pity one had to lose by such a small margin. Good luck for the future Sarah – you’ll have a successful career in Labour, but let’s all get behind Chris Webb and get rid of this nasty, divisive, populist bile in Blackpool which Scott Benton gushes. He’s a disgrace to the Tory party and politics in general.

  2. Labour needs it’s moment.
    That moment is NOW.
    Let’s face it, no matter what your party allegiance is, Labour can’t cock it up… The Tories have already done that.
    Over and over and over again.
    When you’ve hit rock bottom.
    The only way is up….

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