Christmas Chaos Panic Buyers Almost Come to Blows

Christmas Chaos in Trebaron Garden Centre, people were panic buying Christmas Decorations today. Shoppers were even going as far as to take items out of each others’ baskets in a bid to decorate their homes.

One aggravated shopper commented: “It was absolute madness, this lady tried to take my decorations out of my basket and I had to put her straight!

First toilet rolls and flour, now this! All I wanted was to buy a nice Christmas wreath and a few baubles for my tree, but Trebaron was practically cleaned out, I shop there every year and it’s never like this.”

Angry shoppers were hurriedly attempting to get all their Christmas decorations before the shop was emptied, with several shelves now left bare.

Many members of the public were irritated and had to leave the bustle of the busy shop, with feelings of anxiety that they might catch covid.

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