Multiple businesses throughout Lancashire claim to be victim to this man’s alleged fraudulent claims 😵

Just before Christmas, we reported that this portly parasite was targeting Lytham St.Annes, alleging he had recieved poor quality goods and demanded a refund. One florist in St. Anne’s was so unnerved by his intimidating manner, she paid him to get rid of him.

He trys his scam at businesses often staffed by women, and is although he is unable to produce a receipt, can reportedly becomes agitated and aggressive.

Sadly, some of these people targeted, have also paid him to get him out of their premises.

According to comments on a social media post yesterday, over the past few days, his scam has spanned far and wide across Lancashire. Comments from locations such as Penwortham, Leyland, Coppull, Eccleston, Longton, Hindley, Chorley and Bamber Bridge suggest he also uses a ruse stating he is ‘Rat’ catcher, and pest control specialist.

His favourite type of businesses to attempt to defraud, (according to comments) appears to be take away food outlets.

If you have been affected by this particular visitor to your business, please report to Lancashire Police, along with any CCTV footage of him you may have. We also urge you to be wary of this person, and share to any business groups you may be in, or warn female friends who may be working in some of the few shops still open to remain vigilant.

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