‘City’ Blackpool Visit By Beleaguered Boris

Boris took a break from his troubles today when he visited Blackpool, which is due to host the Spring Tory Conference next month.  On his trip, the Prime Minister and his levelling-up supremo Michael Gove visited Victoria Hospital, Blackpool Transport Depot and Talbot Gateway.

Together with his local Tory chums, their beloved Boris (featured photograph), were all keen to scrutinise how trams were levelling up by inspecting them at first hand from a low angle (see photo below)! He said he was determined to bring better transport to more places, announcing, ‘I’m in Blackpool seeing the upgrades to the historic tram network, extending the line and making it easier for locals and visitors to access the city (later changed to town).’

If there is a no-confidence vote up and coming, Boris looked like he was ready to take to the rails as a Blackpool Tram Driver (photo below).

Immediately, sharp eyed Blackpool residents took to social media to criticise the beleaguered Prime Minister after he mistakenly referred to the town as a ‘city’. He has since amended the post.

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