Clap for Carers set to return tonight, but locals believe it is patronising and unnecessary

The Clap for Carers was a big hit during the first lockdown where we saw households across the country standing on their doorsteps to clap for the NHS keyworkers. The weekly ritual ran for 10 weeks, every Thursday at 8pm.

Clap for Carers, now under a new name, ‘Clap for Heroes’, is due to return tonight at 8pm, but is it respectful or just patronising?

The clap is supposed to be a positive thing that figuratively ‘brings people together’ to show appreciation for NHS workers who put their lives on the line to treat covid patients. However, not everyone thinks it’s a great idea.

Sonia Poulton: “‘Clap for Carers’ has become ‘Clap for Heroes’ and they’re expecting us back out on our doorsteps this week. I shall not be clapping. Not because I don’t respect the NHS – I do – but because I am tired of empty gestures when the NHS is starved of both staff and equipment.”

Roy Ambrose from Freckleton said “They would rather a pay rise than a patronising clap, I will not be clapping.”

Lytham local John Taylor said “I won’t be clapping but I will be social distancing, staying in unless I am working exercising or shopping
“Seems to be lots stood having long conversations outside with different households, is this allowed if you’re not in a bubble?”
One key worker said: “It’s patronising, it’s annoying, it’s irresponsible (people used it as an excuse to socialise last time) and it’s MEANINGLESS. If you want to help, volunteer, raise money, and campaign for a living wage.”
What do you think, will you be joining the clap? Or do you believe there are better ways to appreciate and help our heroes?
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