Clifton Drive North 15m Antenna Erection Causes Mast Debate

The proposal to site four 15 metre high antennas on the footway opposite 495 Clifton Drive North  – together with four ground based equipment cabinets  – has caused deep concerns and distress to residents who are worried about the proximity of this mast and high tech equipment to their homes.

Local residents are among those being consulted about the 15m erection, together with groups such as Blackpool Airport, National Air Traffic Services, St Anne’s Town Council and Natural England.

Already residents on Clifton Drive North and Saltcombe Road have voiced their conerns.

To join in the mast debate, which climaxes on 9th March, you can see details of this proposed erection at:

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  1. After one of these monstrosities was placed in Hillcrest Rd., near to Squires Gate Lane junction, a considerable number of very crude timber poles were erected with a single wire connected to main stem of the mast, what a mess. Local planning apparently has little control .

  2. Despite the childish, innuendo-laden writing, what is their problem? Do they want their phones to work? What do they think will happen by having an antenna near them? There are lots of them around.

  3. lets throw our phones in the bin, stop eating meat, scrap all SUVs then smash the capitalist system and ahh doesn’t that feel better now.

  4. Be aware that this could be a life-saver, especially to all the vessels in the Irish Sea in the hours of darkness. These sailors rely on a good signal for emergency purposes. Without the additional coverage, there would be seamen all over the place!

  5. While there’s always been a lot of erections in the sand dunes along this particular road, you’ve got to hand it to the local residents for saying enough is enough.

  6. Despite the expected flaccid response from locals, there’ll no doubt be a back door push by the contractors to get it up at all costs!

  7. Thankfully the folk in LSA are intelligent enough to see the economic, and technological improvements that 5g will bring to the community. I think I speak on behalf of everyone in the area that we look forward to our improved telecommunications speeds.

  8. The local council wanted to stick one of these up my back passage. I objected but the planning department slid it it through on the sly. It just feels like the bottom has fallen out of my world.

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