Climate Campaigners To Protest At The Windmill At 2.00 p.m. On Saturday

A major Climate Justice Campaign Protest will take place at Lytham’s iconic windmill on Saturday 6th November as part of a global movement demanding climate justice. The campaign, coinciding with COP26, is part of Global Day of Action for Climate Justice.

Campaigners will gather on Lytham Green at 2 p.m. as part of the event coinciding with the COP26 summit in Glasgow. Protests will be held in towns and cities across the world with residents urged to support their local event. Lytham Windmill has been chosen as organisers of the Fylde Coast protest claim recent storm damage to the landmark illustrates how climate change is increasingly causing extreme weather conditions.

Anne Fielding, of the Blackpool and Fylde Green Party, said: ‘The situation looks desperate but we can do our bit in our local area – shop locally, care for our environment, plant trees, use green energy and use our voices and votes to call our leaders and big business to account, to put the planet first.’

Ken Cridland, secretary of the Blackpool, Fylde and Wyre Trades Union Council (BFWTUC), said: ‘Protests around COP26 issues can really help move things forward in areas including challenging false solutions and so-called solutions from our leaders and industry which are full of loopholes. We can also secure local wins, such as no more mention of fracking and no new coal, oil or gas projects being started locally.’

Shae Naylor, a 21-year-old chef in Blackpool and a BFWTUC delegate, said climate change was even more concerning for coastal communities. He told the Blackpool Gazette, ‘As a 21 year old, I’m very worried about the looming climate disaster. With increasing extreme weather events, droughts and flooding, there is no longer any doubt that we have had a disastrous effect on the planet. My flat will be under water if we continue the way we’re going. My work will be flooded. My home town will be under water. I’m worried about my future. Our leaders have dragged their feet for far too long. It’s do or die. We either listen to climate scientists and take action, or we do nothing and watch our world collapse around us.’

Photographs by Mark McNeill

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