Community Rallies Together for Laptops and iPads for Homeschooling

Fylde PARENTS are once again attempting to home-school their kids with varying degrees of success after schools in England were forced to shut their doors until at least mid February.  However this is providing challenging to disadvantaged families and families with more than one child where they only have one laptop.

Brenda Blackshaw is campaigning to locals to donate their unused electronic items such as PC laptops and newer generation iPads so that local children can have the opportunity to learn.  It as been assured that the team will use a computer technician who will guarantee any data will be wiped off the machines.

There has never been such a demand for technology.  It is important to remember not every child is fortunate enough to have such equipment at home.  It is also believed local high schools only have been given a limited number of devices to give out, thus leaving many families short.

The people helping are Craig Richman, IT Teacher at St Bedes and Nero Computers on Forshaw Avenue.  These individuals will also be ensuring the wiping of devices.

If you want to get involved please contact Brenda Blackshaw on 07935234052 or you can contact Lytham St Annes News on

For any drop-offs please visit Ken at Fashion Nails Clifton Street and call him on  01253 274 230.

It is also assured that the laptops will only be given to the schools who have contacted the organisers.

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