Despite a wealth of appeals from many of its more elderly customers, the Trustee Savings Bank has confirmed that its St. Anne’s Branch will close its doors forever in November. This will be a big disappointment for many elderly customers as research shows that most have a strong preference for in-branch banking (Age UK: Age Friendly Banking). The branch located on Clifton Drive South has a cash machine that will also disappear once the bank closes.

A spokesperson for the TBS says the bank is closing due to a decline in use which has been accelerated by the coronavirus pandemic
The bank that was dubbed the Totally Shambolic Bank last year after a huge technology failure, explained, ‘We have not taken the decision to close this branch lightly and we announced these closures last year after seeing a decline in their use. These declines accelerated further this year as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic as more customers choose to do their banking online. Customers can still bank with TSB in other ways by using any other TSB branch and can also bank by phone and online channels. In addition, TSB customers will be able to perform many banking tasks at their local Post Office.’
Dominic Hook, of the Unite, said, ‘This confirmation is a betrayal of the bank’s customers and staff who have remained loyal through recent tough times. It will have a disastrous impact on many local communities.’