Conservatives HOLD Fylde Council by 1 Seat; Defeat for the Deputy Leader of Fylde Council and Full Lytham St Anne’s Results

The Conservative Party have retained control of Fylde Council with a majority of 1. The Conservatives reached the 19 councillors required for a majority with the penultimate declaration of Warton. The majority of incumbent candidates successfully defended their position despite the major restructuring and reduction in size of Fylde Council. Those who unfortunately failed to retain their seat include: Will Harris (CON), David O’Rourke (CON), Bobby Rigby (CON), Brenda Blackshaw (IND), Brian Gill (IND) and Deputy Leader of Fylde Council – Cllr Roger Small (CON).

The Liberal Democrats have doubled their representation on Fylde Council with two councillors elected in Kilnhouse (which also saw the defeat for the Deputy Leader of the Council). The Labour Party will be represented in the Fylde Council for the first time since 2015 with success in Ashton and Medlar-with-Wesham.

The closest result came in Ashton with Cllr Ed Nash beating Karen Harrison (CON) by just two votes. If just one Ed Nash voter had switched to Karen Harrison then the result would have gone to a tiebreaker. Beverley Harrison from the Liberal Democrats finished just three votes behind as well.


Party Cllrs Change
Conservative Party 19 -12
Independents 14 -5
Liberal Democrats 2 +1
Labour Party 2 +2

Ansdell and Fairhaven (2)

Name of Candidate Party Votes
Chris DIXON Conservative Party 699
Richard REDCLIFFE Conservative Party 675
Joe SHAW Independent 424
Carol Gradwell Labour 375
Patricia Fielding Green Party 324
Debbie Hirst Independent 206

Cllr Chris Dixon and Cllr Richard Redcliffe win re-election

Ashton (3)

Name of Candidate Party Votes
Gail Goodman Independent 538
Bill Taylor Labour 513
Ed Nash Independent 498
Karen Harrison Conservative Party 496
Beverley Harrison Liberal Democrats 495
Will Harris Conservative Party 473
Chris Hembury Conservative Party 413
Debra Challinor Reform UK 157

Cllr Ed Nash wins re-election

Cllr Will Harris unseated

Gail Goodman & Bill Taylor join the Council

Carnegie (2)

Name of Candidate Party Votes
Cheryl Little Conservative Party 712
Susan Fazackerley Conservative Party 649
Ann Derizzio Labour 369
Christine Marshall Liberal Democrats 294
Christopher Webb Independent 218
David Robertson Independent 190
Jason Mugridge 23

Cllr Sue Fazackerley MBE & Cllr Cheryl Little win re-election

Heyhouses (3)

Name of Candidate Party Votes
Viv Willder Conservative Party 752
Ellie Gaunt Conservative Party 664
Vince Settle Independent 424
Stephen Phillips Liberal Democrat 565
Viki Miller Labour 532
Lynn Goodwin Labour 469
Joanna Flowers Independent 282

Cllr Viv Willder, Cllr Ellie Gaunt & Cllr Vince Settle win re-election.

Kilgrimol (2)

Name of Candidate Party Votes
Tim Armit Independent 573
Gavin Harrison Conservative Party 525
Brian McMillan Conservative Party 377
Oscar Marshall Labour 333

Cllr Tim Armit & Cllr Gavin Harrison win re-election

Kilnhouse (3)

Name of Candidate Party Votes
Karen Henshaw Liberal Democrats 817
Karen Buckley Conservative Party 801
Joanne Gardner Liberal Democrats 742
Roger Small Conservative Party 739
David O’Rourke Conservative Party 593
James Timms Labour 456
Cheryl Morrison Alliance for Democracy and Freedom 225

Cllr Karen Buckley (Leader of Fylde Council) wins re-election

Cllr Roger Small (Deputy Leader of Fylde Council) & Cllr David O’Rourke have been unseated

Karen Henshaw & Joanne Gardner join the council

Lytham East (2)

Name of Candidate Party Votes
Mark Bamforth Independent 966
Kelly Farrington Independent 639
Elizabeth Watson Conservative Party 336
Trevor Hart Conservative Party 316
Marjorie Sherwood Labour 248

Cllr Mark Bamforth wins re-election

Kelly Farrington joins the council

Lytham West (2)

Name of Candidate Party Votes
Peter Anthony Conservative Party 828
Andrew Redfearn Conservative Party 718
Brenda Blackshaw 506
Paul OBrien 266
Gillian Oliver Labour 245
Bobby Black Green 235

Cllr Peter Anthony wins re-election

Cllr Brenda Blackshaw unseated

Andrew Redfearn joins the council

Park (2)

Name of Candidate Party Votes
Mike WITHERS Conservative Party 719
Michelle MORRIS Conservative Party 745
Brian GILL Independent 646
Tim WOOD Independent 359
Peter Stephenson Labour 300

Cllr Michelle Morris and Cllr Mike Withers win re-election.

Cllr Brian Gill defeated

Warton (2)

Name of Candidate Party Votes
Julie Brickles Independent 518
Sandra Pitman Conservative Party 391
Bobby Rigby Conservative Party 370
Phil Glaysher Labour 355

Cllr Julie Brickles wins re-election

Cllr Bobby Rigby unseated

Sandra Pitman joins the Council

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  1. Hanging on by a thread.
    This result proves how unpopular this bunch of self-serving conservatives have become.
    Time for change.
    Before this country is doomed forever.

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