Could the Fylde Coast be on Putin’s Pathway of Peril?

With Putin and Russia invading the Ukraine, this act of aggression between the East and West could see the Fylde Coast become a nuclear wasteland.

The two active nuclear reactors just 15 miles north of the Fylde could be legitimate and easy targets for any retaliation from the East. It wouldn’t even take a nuclear strike, conventional weaponry dropped from heavy bombers or cruise missiles would be enough to rupture the reactor core and unleash waves of radioactive material upon the unsuspecting residents for decades to come!

The town of Pripyat in the Ukraine suffered a similar fate in 1986 when the core of reactor 4 exploded making the 25,000 residents of the town homeless and poisoning the land for centuries. This is without mentioning Warton where they build military aircraft to fight wars – another predicted target. Seasonal winds are predominantly coming from the north, meaning vast swathes of the North West and Wales could bear the brunt of the catastrophe causing a nuclear gas cloud leading to the death of thousands of innocents; people and wildlife alike.

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  1. What a ray of sunshine on the darkest day in Europe for nearly 80 years! God grief, was this necessary ?

  2. Ridiculous. Just keep telling them what to do. They don’t need spy’s just our idiotic journalists.

  3. Christ did you have to scare the shit out of us aren’t we scared enough. The youngsters are worried sick I’ve spoken to 6 of them today in their 20s and 30s. Please don’t.

  4. Good grief, talk about fear mongering… have people not had a hard enough time over the past two years without you speculating about impending doom… there are so many people struggling with mental health and then you drop this.

  5. Which utter half wit chose to publish this (semi-informed) load of scaremongering tripe? Someone certainly needs to get an actual life (instead of living a virtual one).

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