Council Say – Don’t Dump Your Rubbish By The Side Of A Full Bin!

After a busy sunny weekend which has seen many visitors to Lytham St.Anne’s, Fylde Council have issued this plea ‘Please don’t leave rubbish by the side of a full bin.’

The Council say that they try their very best to keep up with the demand, but the Council bins fill faster than their staff can empty them during busy periods!

The spokesperson asks,’ Please use another bin, or take it home with you’

However, some are blaming the problem on visiting caravans. Two comments include, ‘Perhaps the issue is caused by allowing camper vans to line the Promenade who then empty the van prior to their departure, ’ and ‘ Street full of caravans aren’t going to take a stinky bag of rubbish with them.’

A considered answer to these comments was, ‘I’ve shared this with my motorhome groups. Unfortunately this country is so far behind others in the provision of suitable parking areas close to towns where they can spend money in the town. Suitable areas should be found, a small charge levied and overnights on the streets banned apart from maybe some controlled areas. The small charge keeps the riff raff away. Suitable areas could be Lytham Station Car Park, the Cricket Club, the triangle in summer, Stanner Car Park at Fairhaven. Personally as a motorhome owner I much prefer a quiet safe area within walking distance of the attraction rather than street parking.’

Another local resident positively commented, ‘You should actually be thankful they’ve collected their rubbish and put it by the bin. Not their fault the bins are full. You need to arrange more collection times to empty the bins during the season to several collection times per day! Especially later on when tourists are leaving so they’re gone before the rats and seagulls get into them. Alternatively, this shows a greater need for more / larger bins in more places so that more people feel like they’d like to collect their groups litter and bin it responsibly. These people obviously care about the planet to tidy it up. It’s now the council’s job to keep on top of it. Can’t believe you are complaining about people clearing up after themselves. As a local I know how full all the bins get so why would I want to walk to another bin to find that one full. Do your job after fabulous people have tidied up after themselves. Try promoting this instead then more and more people will do it too.’

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