Court Hears Allegation That Blackpool Reality Star James Moore Repeatedly Raped A Teenager

Thirty-two-year-old James Moore from Blackpool, a one-time contestant on the once popular MTV show Ex On The Beach, has pleaded not guilty in Preston Crown Court to raping a teenager and coercive control. The jury heard that Moore ‘repeatedly raped the teenager, spied on her using CCTV & controlled her while taking cocaine’. The Court also heard that the young woman, who made secret recordings of the pair’s interactions, told Police that he’d assaulted her, causing an injury to her head. Members of the jury were shown videos of the pair rowing during which Moore had sworn and shouted at her. She could be heard screaming and crying in the background.

In response, Moore told the jury he’d struggled with cocaine addiction, for which he’d received three weeks of rehabilitation treatment, but he now abstained from drink and drugs and was a completely different person. He said he’d not been able to trust the teenager and he believed he’d suffered emotional and mental abuse from her, leaving him feeling like a prisoner.

The prosecution put it to Moore that he’d raped the woman on a weekly basis. Moore denied this accusation.

The trial continues.

Former joiner James Moore appeared in all eight episodes of the fourth series of MTV’s Ex On The Beach, filmed in Portugal in 2016.



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