A statement was issued to parents of children at St Peters Catholic Primary School this week, advising that two cases of Covid-19 had been confirmed at the school.

The children, who are both siblings from the same family and were attending school in the keyworker bubble are not unwell, but the bubble was immediately disbanded and all children and staff instructed to isolate for 14 days. We believe that some of the parents and children have since been tested, and these have returned negative results. There is no reason to believe that any other staff or children whom came into contact with the children have been infected.

While it will naturally come as a worry to some parents that there has been a case of Covid in the local schools, the correct processes were followed and in testament to the impeccable hygiene measures and social distancing observed in the school, no other children were affected.

Mounting evidence suggests that while children can and do contract Covid-19, for reasons we do not clearly understand, they rarely become unwell and a statement from Full Fact Org suggests that “The overall trend from current evidence suggests that children play a minimal role in the transmission of the new coronavirus”.

We asked local parents how they felt about their children returning to school in September and one parent whose children both attend St Peters told us, “I am aware of the positive test as we all received an email about it, but the fact that these children were in school with all the others and nobody else has caught it, and the children are not unwell actually gives me confidence rather than concern. There’s no escaping the fact that we are going to get a few cases of it, probably in all schools, so it’s reassuring to know that the systems in place to bubble the children, the handwashing and social distancing is proving effective in preventing transmission to everybody when it does happen. I don’t have any concerns about my children returning in September”.

Another parent told us, “We cannot stay out of education forever, yes there is going to be the odd positive case and I’m aware it isn’t completely without risk, but all of the evidence tells me that the risk of my child getting the virus is far less damaging than the risks to my child of being out of school. Sometimes, you have to look at the risk of doing something against the risk of not and weigh up which is the most dangerous”.