Covid vaccine could be delayed for racial awareness training

As the anti-covid vaccine is rolled out, one would assume the strategy is to get it administered as quickly as possible. Or this would be the strategy years ago, but today it’s different.

It has been reported that the people administering the vaccine must go through several training programmes, not on medical things.. but racial awareness.

Sources have revealed that NHS staff must go through vigorous training for ‘anti-terrorism’  before administering the vaccine, as well as other online courses they must complete.

Former NHS workers have complained about taking a 20 page questionnaire to produce qualifications that they had already gained decades ago, just to stay up to date on these ‘matters’.

This is all taking a bit too long, and these ridiculous measures should not be priority over people’s lives. The virus is spreading at an alarming rate and we NEED every member of staff getting people in, jabbed, then out.

The problem is the Government and the public know it, they’re always too slow to catch the virus, it’s outwitted them.

We saw the same thing in spring last year, when they couldn’t get protective clothing for our frontline workers, meaning many of our NHS staff lost their lives trying to care for their patients.

Every single lockdown, tier, whatever they’re called.. has been too late. ‘You can go out to the pub now.. but next Monday you must stay home.’ Why bother with all that?

When do we stop relying on the Government and find someone who can actually run this country into normality once more?

ONE of the highlights of 2020 was watching Boris Johnson appear before the cameras to contradict exactly what he said two days previously.

Always good for a laugh, that. So it’s very cheering to see him ­taking exactly the same approach in 2021.

Boris and co have assured the UK that everything will be back to normal by Easter, kids will be back in school and pubs will be open if we stay home these next few weeks.

Why should we believe anything they say anymore? They told us to go and eat out to help out, we did, then they put us into tiers and eventually another lockdown. They told us we could spend time with our family at Christmas, we planned, he stopped that last minute. They told us it was the most important thing to ensure kids stay in school and receive their education, they did, then he put us into a third lockdown.

When will the public revolt and find someone else, someone efficient and reliable to run the country rather than make us a laughing stock.

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