Crack-down On Anti-Social Behaviour As Reported By Staff & Customers At Kirkham Morrison’s

PCSO Anna Morris has asked this important question, ‘Parents do you know where your children are during the Easter Holidays?’ She says that this week Fylde Police have had reports from staff and customers at Morrisons in Kirkham of an increase in anti-social behaviour. She says that patrols will be increasing as a result of these reports and anyone found acting in such a manner will be dealt with accordingly.

A member of Morrison’s staff was grateful to the response from PCSO Anna Morris saying, ‘Thank you very much from all of us at Morrisons Kirkham for visiting us today.’

It appears that anti-social behavior is a problem in other areas of the Fylde. One resident reports ‘There are a group of youths making a nuisance of themselves in Ansdell around the area of Oxford Road running in and out of gardens, ringing doorbells etc.  They are all wearing hoodies. It has been reported to the police as antisocial behaviour.’

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