Cut the Straps on Disposable Face Masks!

Over the years we’ve all seen tragic images of animals in anguish, suffering or killed due to parts of their bodies being permanently trapped in plastic multipack rings.

Now similar images are appearing of animals sadly trapped, distraught and distressed having been caught in the straps of disposable face masks.


Tossers in St Anne’s have issued a timely reminder to everyone to cut or tear the straps before putting masks in the bin! Seagulls scavenge and rummage in our bins and also on rubbish tips, so even if you’re not guilty of tossing your mask aside on the sea front or in the street your mask may end up tangled around a bird’s feet or neck. Cut anything that an animal is capable of getting its body parts stuck in – it takes seconds!

A spokesperson for Hunt Watch Uk agreed, ‘Cut the straps, put it in a bin or better still get a reusable mask. We’ve now seen far too much of this.  Cut anything that an animal is capable of getting its body parts stuck in. It takes seconds & could save our precious wildlife from this horror.’

The RSPCA rescued and saved the Gull in the lead photograph in this article.

Meanwhile, despite many campaigns, some manufacturers persist in selling cans in packs held together in packs with plastic rings.  These too should be cut to avoid situations similar to those shared below.

This hedgehog below was saved by a gardener. The duck was saved by a ranger. However, many animals, seabirds, marine mammals and sea turtles still become trapped in the plastic rings or die eating them.

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