Our local Booths Supermarkets have announced that they have joined up with Deliveroo to offer home delivery from both the St. Anne’s and Lytham stores next month, so enabling customers old and new to make the most of online shopping and speedy deliveries.
The family-owned grocery chain are to offer a selection of over three hundred essentials on the Deliveroo app and website, giving households across the Fylde access to its products on-demand, to be delivered to their doorsteps in as little as thirty minutes.
The service is now live from Booths’ Media City store in Salford, and Booths say that they will next expand the Deliveroo service to the popular stores in St Anne’s and Lytham very soon – in early July to be exact!
‘Booths are very excited about our link up with Deliveroo, which will bring a wider delivery reach for over 300 products for customers in St Anne’s and Lytham,’ said Abby Talbot, head of business to business at Booths. ‘This service will offer quick and convenient delivery with Deliveroo and will help our customers unable to shop at Booths to access our great range of groceries.’

Deliveroo said all deliveries would be contact-free to ensure safety, with riders leaving the shopping at customers’ doors to collect. Ajay Lakhwani, Vice President of New Business at Deliveroo, added, ‘At Deliveroo, we want to do everything possible to help people get the food they need and want during COVID-19 and Booth’s selection is unique.’