Disgraced MP Menzies says, ‘I have made mistakes’ and ‘I am deeply sorry’.

The now Independent MP for Fylde has written a letter to his constituents via a personal column in the Lancashire Post and Blackpool Gazette. In the letter Menzies says that he has  ‘made mistakes’ and for that he was ‘deeply sorry’.

He penned: ‘Recent years have been an incredibly difficult time for me personally. While I will not be going into detail about this publicly, I have faced personal challenges that have proven some of the toughest tests of my life.

Being an MP has always meant serving others, something I am privileged to have been able to do and have continued to do during this period.

A significant reason for this is the help of friends, my Parliamentary team and the medical professionals who have supported me personally throughout, helping me to overcome these pressures and carry on as an MP, a job that I love and have always been wholly committed to.

Nevertheless, I have made mistakes and I am deeply sorry for that.’

Mr Menzies said the ‘media storm’ that had engulfed him before he resigned on 21st April had been particularly hard as he was also caring for his mother, who has dementia.

He added: ‘Being at the centre of a media storm is far from easy. At difficult times like this, the person who gives me comfort is my mum. With my father having passed before I was born and no siblings we have an extremely close bond and I know the sacrifices she made in raising me. Now almost 90, she has been living with dementia and a catalogue of other conditions for several years.

Throughout this time, I have been combining my duties as a Member of Parliament with those of a carer.’

An investigation into the allegations last month found that while there had not been a misuse of party funds, the MP’s behaviour fell below the required standards.

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