With the lock down now entering its third week, many Lytham St Anne’s residents may be using this opportunity to catch up on odd jobs around the house. Clearing out cupboards, Spring-cleaning rooms, tidying the loft, the shed and the garage and disposing of the rubbish may well be on this agenda.  The warmer weather also makes outdoor work, such as sprucing up the garden, more enjoyable. And, if bins are full, recycling centres closed, and some collection services reduced, the Fire Brigade are seeing many local residents starting garden bonfires as a way to remove waste.

However, the local Fire Brigade is urging people to be much more considerate when it comes to burning waste and ask you not to do so at this time.

Smells of fires are not only unpleasant to others, but also the smoke could have much more serious implications. Neighbours with underlying respiratory issues, or even suffering from coronavirus itself could find their conditions aggravated by these fires.

Lancashire Fire and Rescue ask that you compost what you can and considerately hold on to any extra waste until normal waste collection services are resumed and waste recycling centres are reopened.

Moreover, Lancashire Fire and Rescue say they will work with partners to investigate malicious, deliberate fires and would encourage anyone with any information about such incidents to come forward and speak to Lancashire Constabulary. Individuals who seek to aggravate an already difficult situation should think about the wider consequences of their actions. Tying up valuable emergency service resources could have serious consequences for other people in the community who may genuinely really need help.


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