DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN?: Local thief breaks into Blackpool hair salon, CCTV footage shows suspect

Reports of a break-in at 1.30am on Sunday 27th September, at Andrew Williams salon in Blackpool. CCTV footage of a man has been released, it has been reported that he has stolen 24k gold hot tools straighteners x 5 and GHDs. Some of the most expensive hair tools on the market.
The owner of the salon, Andrew, has released CCTV images and asked locals to share his posts, and report any useful information to Blackpool police. Andrew has also attempted to find out who this suspect is through social media. He has received CCTV images of a man of same build and similar features shopping. He is believed to be a man named Kenny who is well known in South Shore area. Locals on Facebook have commented to agree that he could be the suspect.

The salon owner is desperate to find this man so he can be prosecuted. If you have any information or know this man please don’t hesitate to contact Blackpool Police on 101 using reference number: LC-20200927-0111

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