Do you know who these alleged vandals are?

Live fish in the water feature at the Fire Pit Restaurant were targeted.

Urgent appeal from Bran Neal – Fire Pit Boss –

Good Morning folks. Does anyone know who this “person” and his friends are. Between 8.15pm and 9.00pm last night they decided to come to the Firepit, decided to throw a large amount of stones at the fish and try to kill them (failed)…and throw stones on the Firepit. Disconnected the pumps, broken the pump, decided to block the filters, walked on the Firepit, sadly it was not on at the time.
Infatuation with the trees at the front, and the rubbish bins at the back and a soft spot for our hose pipe. Which he played with for a while
Then himself and the rest of the Goonies decided to try our neighbours MediConf UK Ltd cars.

Now they are very intelligent because they walked past 5 cameras and straight past MediConf cameras which lights up when they walk past it. They possibly thought it was a UFO because it lit up…So the shot on the right with the two geniuses on will be a lovely picture.
For all my neighbours on Wood Street and around St Anne’s just keep a eye out on your property and maybe check today and especially your hosepipes. Obviously he also doesn’t like fish maybe his goldfish bit him as a child . Flashbacks.

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Please contact The Fire Pit Restaurant on Wood Street if you have any further information. Thank you.

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