A dog has become seriously ill, after his walk along Green Drive, Lytham.

Although not yet confirmed, it’s is thought he has eaten conkers, which can be very toxic to dogs.

“We walked Ralph behind green drive tonight and he was fine .Nobody around apart from a bike up and down got half way and let him off to chase his ball, went once at pace and back then went again after the ball sat down was sick then collapsed within seconds . Put him in my arms limp and got to the car ASAP drove to Greenways vet within 10mins … update toxic poison he is on oxygen and a drip but has liver problems and is in for 48 hrs.Now the reason for my post is I don’t want anyone else’s dog or owners to go through this. At this moment in time I am not saying it has come from Green Drive but I have never seen a dog drop so quickly. Green drive is full of early horse chestnuts due to the winds again I am not saying it’s that but dog owners please be aware and please share …. long night x ”

Please take take with your dogs, please share.

We wish Ralph a speedy recovery.