Dog coat-care advice; Lytham groomer says opening through COVID-19 would feel ‘morally wrong’

A Lytham grooming salon is urging dog owners to learn some basic grooming techniques during lockdown. Laura Clegg, owner of Prestige Paws salon on Preston Road, has uploaded a series of videos and infographics to her social media to educate dog owners on how to properly care for their dogs coat at home.

“In normal day to day life we were all busy with work, kids, school run, wanting to see friends and run errands…but while we have to stay at home there really is no excuse not to be brushing and combing your dog.”

Laura is very supportive of the lockdown measures, stating it would feel morally wrong for groomers to open during  COVID-19, despite her worries for her small, relatively new, business. “The guidelines and protocols [we] have to follow to groom a dog, includes that PPE would have to be changed a minimum of three times per dog, so when you start to count that up that’s a lot of PPE that could be going towards saving lives.”

While dogs aren’t known to catch the virus, the particles can be transferred via the dogs coat, which can potentially put the groomer or owner at risk. “If you sneeze or cough you get the virus on your hand and transfer it to the dogs coat and then could then be transmitted to the groomer”.

Visit for Laura’s top grooming tips.


By Lucinda Herbert


Photo: Laura and her 4-legged assistant Sven

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