Dog groomers unite to raise 67k for keyworkers

Dog groomers have been sharpening their skills in a week long online festival, raising over 67k for the NHS.

The Groomers Lockdown was organised with the aim to share skills and reduce isolation in the dog grooming community by hosting seminars with leading UK experts. All proceeds go to fund PPE for keyworkers, and they have exceeded their initial goal to raise £6,000.

Festival organiser, Sophie James, says; “Groomers are very passionate about their jobs. They just love working with animals and they’re missing it. We’ve been doing online quizzes each week to try and get people interacting and to make sure people aren’t lonely and I thought we must be able to do something more.”



The event has been packed with practical seminars from award-winning groomers, allowing lockdown attendees to follow along at home and benefit from expert tuition that they will be keen to test out on their regular clients.

“The biggest comment we get is ‘I cant wait to get back to work and put these new skills into practice’. Everyone’s really eager to get back to the job they all love doing.”

Sophie, who also owns three salons, considers it’s the perfect time to enjoy being with your dog and encourages owners to try out some new activities such as agility training. “It’s time to pause. Just grab hold of the moment and spend as much time with the dog as you want to.”

While that does include home-grooming, Sophie doesn’t think people will keep the habit after lockdown. “We’ve got some horrendous photos of dogs been groomed at home, so I think people now realize how hard we work and what a skill we have.”

Lucinda Herbert

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