Donations Mounting Up At Cancer Research, Lytham – DESPITE Lockdown Closure.

Even though non-essential shops such as charity shops can no longer reopen for a minimum of four weeks, this hasn’t stopped locals unceremoniously dumping their unwanted goods and chattels at Lytham charity shop Cancer Research.

In what can only be described as a “ruthless riddance of rubbish” local dog walker James Campbell told Lytham St Annes News “I saw a frustrated volunteer literally unable to access the property.  She could well have been a cleaner and was far too old to be moving the donations – you would have to be a highly experienced Alpine Mountaineer to get over that mountain of bags. My 18 year old son who was walking the dog with me even said just imagine if that was our grandmother, we felt sorry for her.  There was no way she could move the stuff by herself. I was tempted to get my son to assist but with the current Covid-19 situation I was worried that the bags may not be clean and contain the deadly virus.”

Out of lockdown, all charity shops have clear signs for donations not to be left outside.

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