A local gentleman today at Costa Coffee Park St, Lytham today (01/02/2020) had an embarrassing moment in front of his young son.  The male told Lytham St Anne’s News “I was buying my usual Latte takeaway today from Costa and as I was leaving the premises there was a lady behind me, being brought up as a gentleman I held the door open for her and said ‘There you go love’, I was then subjected to a horrendous outburst which I have never experienced before.  The woman told me that under no circumstances should I refer to her as love as it is sexist, and that she wasn’t disabled and perfectly capable of opening the door herself.   I was really taken aback at this confrontation and this was in front of my 11 year old son who I’m trying to bring up with the same manners I was blessed with by my parents as a child.

The male also added “this was the worse case of feminist extremism I have ever come across”.




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