Door to door covid testing coming to Southport..

PR9 is one of the locations where door to door covid testing may be implemented.

Less than an hours drive from Lytham, the South post area of PR9 has become a hot-spot for a new varient of Covid-19.

Matt Hancock announced areas of great concern today.

“Quick Covid tests will be carried out door-to-door in parts of England after the South Africa variant of the virus was identified in positive tests.

Medics will reach out to 80,000 residents directly in parts of Surrey, London, Kent, Walsall, Southport and Hertfordshire in a bid to curb the variant’s spread.

Each resident visited will be requested to take a PCR Covid test – which can provide swift results on the same day – whether they have symptoms or not.” source ITV news.

It has yet to be announced how this door to door covid testing will be carried out, but it is most likely to be provided by the armed forces, like they did in Liverpool late last year.

As Lytham is a close neighbour to Southport, should be be worried about this new varient coming to FY8? Will testing be mandatory?

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