“Doorway Dave” evicted from JR Taylors by Bailiffs

By November 18, 2019January 11th, 2020News


19/11/2019 12:15pm

Police currently on scene at former JR TAYLORS more homeless sleepers being moved on.  Update will appear later


Today (18/11/2019) a private bailiff evicted well-known homeless man known as “Doorway Dave” from the doorway of the former JR Taylor’s on Garden Street St Anne’s.  The rubbish truck arrived at about 1pm and ruthlessly dumped all his lifelong possessions into the the truck.  “Doorway Dave” was visibly upset and very angry with the officials. He was also alleging that a family heirloom had been disposed of.

“Doorway Dave” has been a well-known figure in St Anne’s, often just seen with his feet sticking out of his sleeping bag with a large amount of possessions piling up around him.

A local resident told Lytham St Anne’s News “I think this is a sign that JR Taylor’s will be reopening as a new venture really soon as Doorway Dave was seen to be getting in the way. I’m really excited to see the premises reopening.”

Despite it being the coldest day of the year, “Doorway Dave’s” new location is not yet known.

Another St Annes resident commented “I’m in tears, this man has lost absolutely everything now. He doesn’t even have a blanket. They have thrown away everything!”.


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