Dragged Seagull Is Dead, Having Been ‘Put Down’ By Local Vet

The seagull which a Blackpool man dragged by the neck with a dog lead has died.

Lancashire Police have said the bird was taken by a member of the public to a local vet, where they decided it sadly had to be put down.

A man in his 50s was arrested for being drunk and disorderly before later being released without charge. However, the Police say they continue to investigate the incident.

A spokesperson from Blackpool charity Bramble Wildlife Rescues said the bird needed to be euthanised due to its ‘very poor ill state and neglected condition’ after being confiscated by a member of the public. The charity said they received distressful to watch footage of the man dragging the gull down the street, which they likened to him ‘almost walking a dog.’

The spokesperson continued, ‘At first, like many people, we thought it may have been a photoshopped image in the form of a prank, however it quickly came to light that it was in fact very real.’

Commenting on the incident, the RSPCA said: ‘It is totally inappropriate and unacceptable to treat any wild animal in this way. Putting a gull on a leash would be extremely stressful for the bird as it would prevent it from being able to engage in its natural behaviour and could lead to injury or even death. Like all wild birds, gulls, their chicks and their nests are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. This means it’s illegal to intentionally kill, take or injure gulls, take or destroy their eggs, or damage or destroy any gull nests while they’re in use or being built – unless you’re acting under licence. Captive gulls, like this bird, are also protected by the Animal Welfare Act 2006, which means their keeper is required to meet their welfare needs and avoid causing them unnecessary suffering.’

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