Drunk Person Jumps Off End Of Pier – Lytham Coastguard Called Out!

Lytham and Fleetwood Coastguard and Blackpool RNLI joined the Police yesterday evening (Saturday 22nd May, 2021) at around 6.30 p.m. to reports of an intoxicated person who had jumped off the end of the Central Pier and was in trouble in the water

Lytham Coastguard said, ‘We were called out to reports of an intoxicated person who had jumped off the end of Central Pier. We quickly arrived on scene and made our way onto the Pier to meet with the first informant. As we arrived at the end the casualty had managed to climb back up onto the Pier and they then made their own way off. ‘

Lytham Coastguard warned, ‘‘Don’t become a statistic this summer! Water and alcohol do not mix, stay away if you’ve had a drink and enjoy yourself another way. We also strongly discourage people to jump off the piers, there are hidden dangers underneath the water, you could cause yourself serious, life changing injuries and could ultimately, lead to death.’

An RNLI Blackpool spokesperson said: ‘Our RNLI volunteers were called out this evening to reports of a person in difficulty near Central Pier. One D class launched and the other stood by, but fortunately the person was helped to safety by Blackpool Police.’

Later yesterday evening Lytham Coastguard were called out once again. The Coastguard reports, ‘We were called out for the second time this evening at 19.53 to reports of people in danger of being cut off by the tide around the Fairhaven area. Our officers quickly arrived on scene and went out to speak with the people on the beach, fortunately they were locals who were aware of the tide and surroundings, a false alarm with good intent!’

Lytham St. Anne’s News thanks the Coastguard for their dedicated, skilled work in protecting people and saving lives.

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