Electricity North West has announced that over 20,000 customers in Lytham will benefit from a massive upgrade at the local Linnet Lane substation. This local project, that will cost one and a half million pounds (£1.5m) will commence later this month, beginning on 26th May, and run for six months.. This welcome upgrade will ensure that our local network will be fit for purpose to meet both current and increased demands.
Whilst the great majority of the vital work will take place inside the substation, access to Regent Road and Linnet Lane may be temporarily restricted when electrical equipment is being removed and delivered. However, residents in the area will be notified well in advance of any temporary restrictions.

Mark Whiteside (pictured below), Electricity North West project manager for the work in Lytham, announced: ‘We provide a critical service and it’s vitally important we continue with key work to maintain and upgrade the network, even though the current situation. The use and need for electricity is only going to increase in the long term that’s why we are proactively upgrading equipment in our Lytham substation which is key to powering the area. A lot of the electricity network was installed back in the 1960s and now it is time for our engineers to make the necessary upgrades so thousands of customers in the town will receive the power they need, when they need it. Throughout the project, we’ll look to keep disruption to a minimum. We have proactively informed residents of our plans and I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their patience and support.’
The company has confirmed that any work being carried out will be in line with Government guidelines in place on social distancing.