Enjoy A Wonderful Twenty Minutes Audio Journey Courtesy Of The Fairhaven Lake Podcast.

The Fairhaven Lake Podcast is a new audio journey around Fairhaven Lake. It is created by Theatre Maker Sophia Hatfield, Sound Artist Karen Lauke and Stute Theatre, the team that brought you ‘The Fairhaven Story Stall’.  Featuring interviews with members of the local community, memories of the lake’s past and audio storytelling by Sophia Hatfield and Patrick Bridgman; this podcast will transport you to Fairhaven Lake and celebrate its rich history. Four episodes will explore the lake’s boating history, nature, love stories and childhood tales, with music and audio recordings and sounds from the lake.

Episode 1 of the Fairhaven Lake Podcast can be found here  so have a relaxing twenty minutes and sit, listen and enjoy hearing all about the joy of messing about in boats!

The wonderful photograph below was taken by Mark Liebenberg.

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