Escaped Blackpool Zoo Pelican Spotted On Beach At Granny’s Bay Today!

Blackpool Zookeepers waded out at Stanner Bank this morning (Friday 11th August) to capture their escaped Pelican  after the long-beaked bird was spotted by a member of the public on the beach at Granny’s Bay. A representative said a verified sighting at about 7.50 a.m. led a team to head towards Fairhaven.

However, they said that while keepers waded out to the avian escapee, it flew away before they could capture it.

A spokesperson for Blackpool Zoo said: ‘We can confirm we have had a verified sighting of our pelican on the beach at Granny’s Bay in Fairhaven between Lytham and St Anne’s at 7.50 a.m. this morning, which coincided with the high tide time. Our keepers travelled straight to the site and located the bird alive, looking well and on the sea. They waded out and were within metres, but the pelican flew away.’

The zoo urged people in the area to remain vigilant and, if they do see the pelican, take a picture and send it to them on 07799 226908 as soon as possible.

‘Please do not approach the pelican as it will fly away,’ the spokesperson added.


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