“Evil Scouse Santa” Allegedly Scams Local Mother!

A Fylde Coast mother-of-three has allegedly been “ripped off” by an agent who apparently pretended to offer a door step visit of Santa Claus for her children.

Lori-ann Stephenson from Blackpool alleges that a man from Liverpool named Jack Walsh took a deposit from her and then vanished into thin air and removed social media profiles.

Lori-ann vented ”

“Absolutely gutted Wow!!!!!!!! Cant believe this my guys didn’t get to see santa this year so we booked and paid 30 for a door step visit, now the profiles gone and i cant find him!!! Fumming!!!!”  However some of her friends offered her support, with one female friend even kindly offering to do a video call to her children dressed up as Santa!

She then posted evidence of the conversation with the alleged perpetrator where the conversation over whether the beard was fake or not.

As the season of giving (and spending) kicks off, it’s more important than ever to keep your guard up and eyes open for scams. Some are particularly vicious and others only rear their ugly heads at this time of year.

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