A well known resident who wishes to remain anonymous has written to us today in disgust at being falsely accused of shoplifting at Marks and Spencers, St Anne’s.  The man wrote:

I had just been to the gym at the YMCA on the front and just thought I would pop in to M&S to pick up a few bits and pieces for tea. I only picked up two items and had plenty of room in my gym bag so didn’t need the bags that I had actually forgotten to bring. After waiting for some considerable time at the checkout (which just lately is becoming ridiculous), the manageress came and opened the till and called me over. My gym bag was in the trolley and slightly un-zipped. I put the two items for purchase on the side of the till in the usual way at which point the manageress said and I quote- “You’ve got a load of shopping in your bag.” I looked at her in disbelief and asked what she was talking about. I am actually well known in the store and I thought she was joking! She went on to say that another customer had seen me shoving loads of shopping in my bag! At this point I opened my bag and started to take out my gym wear, additional gym bag and asked her to take a look Inside. I also suggest that she call the police and take a look at CCTV which I’m sure they must have in there. I went on to say that I had been shopping in that store for around 10 years and was well known (including her) and had shopped in M&S in general for the best part of my life. I then went on to say that recently there had bee a few issues in that store and this was the final store. I also felt like I didn’t want the 2 items I was just about to pay for. At this point she apologised but unfortunately, the damage was done. After paying I asked her if she was done or if there might be anything else. She apologised again and offered me her hand which I shook. She offered to buy me a box of chocolates to which I responded “I don’t want your chocolates.” I said I have accepted your apology but don’t expect to see me in here again for a few days. After thinking about it on the way home, I’m done with M&S and will never shop with them again. Disgraceful!

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