Farewell Ford Mondeo – Goodbye To ‘Mondeo Man’

Ford is to end production of the iconic Mondeo, once a symbol of aspirational affluence in 1990s Britain. The term ‘Mondeo Man’ was popularised by Tony Blair at the Labour Party Conference in October 1996. He identified ‘Mondeo Man’ as a key target for New Labour in the May 1997 election. It was a reference to the centrist, no-nonsense, hard-working voter that Blair hoped his new vision for the Labour Party could attract.

But those days are over.  Ford will end production of the Mondeo in March 2022 and have said that the model will not be replaced in Europe. Launched as Ford’s first “world car”, the Mondeo has been on sale since 1993 and is currently in its fifth generation. The Mondeo has been one of the Ford’s core global models – selling over 5 million, including 1.2 million in the UK, on the back of popularity with both families and executives. But its market share has dwindled in the face of the growing popularity of SUVs.  In 2020 Ford sold just 2,400 Mondeos.

Pictured below – the Ford Mondeo drives off into the sunset.

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