Few Fylde Flouters Face Fines – Our Area Has Lowest Number of Covid Penalty Notices in Lancs.

Following a Freedom of Information Act request by Lancs Live, it has been disclosed that Police have issued a total of 1,960 Covid fixed penalty notices to individuals in Lancashire during the ten months up to 31st January, 2021.  Of these men received by far the greatest number – coming in at 1,132 fixed penalty notices, whilst women received 391.  (Gender was not recorded for 437 notice receivers.)

And individuals in our area of the Fylde  are impressively number one in receiving the lowest number – with just five fixed penalty notices!

Here’s the line-up of fixed penalty notices per area:

  • Fylde 5
  • Wyre 21
  • Rossendale 28
  • Ribble Valley 29
  • South Ribble 29
  • Chorley 34
  • Blackpool 63
  • West Lancs 72
  • Lancaster 75
  • Preston 152
  • Hyndburn 156
  • Burnley 194
  • Pendle 272
  • Blackburn and Darwin 389

 (A small number were registered as unknown or outside Lancashire.)

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