Fifteen Spectacular Super-Sized Footprints On St.Anne’s Beach

Fylde Council have shared an amazing masterpiece in sand-artwork produced and presented by the acclaimed ephemeral environmental artist Richard Shilling and his talented team to raise awareness of the current ‘Take It, Don’t Leave It’ campaign to encourage visitors to dispose of their rubbish responsibly.

It took artist Richard Shilling and his team approximately six hours to create the stunning artwork located just west of St Anne’s Pier during low tide last week, on Wednesday August 4th

The fifteen, 10-metre-long giant footprints were created using plastic sheeting as a stencil and rakes to create definition in the sand.  They were then washed away several hours later by the incoming tide – but have been preserved for posterity in an awesome High Definition Video.

Cllr Karen Buckley, Leader of Fylde Council, was joined by the lead coordinator for local litter volunteers, Tracey Hope, to see the artwork in progress.

Karen said: ‘We wanted to make a bold and dramatic statement about the importance of keeping Fylde tidy because with the warm summer weather and fewer people travelling abroad for holidays this year, Fylde is receiving more visitors than ever. We took inspiration from the quote ‘leave nothing but your footprints’ to symbolise the importance of leaving our beautiful beach and coastal areas just as you find them, free of litter. The drone footage really captures the dramatic impact of the giant footprints and also the beauty of our magnificent coastline. We hope the message resonates with everyone and we can stop littering on the coast and in Fylde’s beautiful rural areas.’

Marine biologist and medic, Tracey Hope, coordinates the army of volunteers who give up their free time to clear litter. She said: ‘Watching the sea take the footprints without any litter, brings to life our ‘leave nothing but your footprints’ message. It looks amazing and I hope it will inspire everyone to look after their local environment whether that’s in the streets where they live or out and about in the wider community. I’m passionate about protecting the environment and while most people pick up after themselves, there’s a minority who leave their rubbish behind. We all have a role to play and we can all do our bit to protect the environment and wildlife.’

You can see the amazing production of the sand art in action in a brilliant video here:

Well done to the Squires Gate based North Film –  – for their incredible work on the video!

Pictured below: Richard Shilling on St. Anne’s Beach

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