Former Well Known Lytham Resident Abused By Traffic Attendant

A former well-known Lytham resident has claimed he was verbally abused and bullied by a traffic attendant in an incident in Co Down.

Disabled, single dad, fifty-four-year-old Gordon Templeton had a blue disability badge displayed on his car dashboard. The badge was arranged for Gordon to display on his car as he has severe cardiac issues with his heart working at just 25% and is awaiting surgery.

Gordon alleges that the incident occurred as school ended on Monday afternoon, when he was sitting in his car as his eight-year-old daughter played in a playground with her friends. Gordon says he was approached by a female traffic attendant to asked him to move his car.

Gordon told Belfast Live: ‘She said I was blocking the bus stop but I was not. I have parked there over the last two years and one traffic warden asked me to move slightly because I accidently parked with my front wheels were touching the bus stop area. I moved of course and no traffic warden has done anything but wave at me ever since. That was until Monday.

‘The woman told me to move my car and I said I was illegally parked. She insisted that I move but I knew I was parked legally. She wanted me to park across the road but I wanted to be as close to my daughter as possible.

‘When I refused, she said she would issue me with a ticket. By this stage I was out of the car and she was at my car issuing me with a ticket. I couldn’t believe it and neither could my friend who was standing by my car talking to me at the time.

‘I have a health condition but I don’t need to be mocked about it or reminded of a very serious problem with my heart by a complete stranger – and especially with my little daughter looking on. I was stunned and embarrassed. I was bullied and abused by this woman – it was outrageous. I want to know what DfI and whoever runs these traffic wardens plans to do about it.’

Belfast Live has confirmed that the warden is employed by NSL, a private firm which describes itself as: ‘The UK’s leading provider of parking enforcement services and offers the industry’s most comprehensive range of solutions.’

A spokesperson for the Department For Infrastructure, said: ‘NSL is contracted by DfI to carry out on street parking enforcement. NSL, who employ the Traffic Attendants, is aware of the video and is investigating the circumstances.’

Belfast Live shared the photograph below under the heading, ‘ The Traffic Attendant was dressed in full NSL uniform during the incident in Holywood, Co Down.’

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