Free Boat, Golf & Paddle Boat Sessions At Fairhaven For Ukrainian & Non-Ukrainian Refugees

Fylde Council are offering free boat and golf sessions at Fairhaven for Ukrainian and non-Ukrainian refugees.

Refugees who wish to enjoy this offer will need to bring photo ID and a letter/document with your name and proof of address in Fylde.

Boat and golf sessions are available 7 days a week 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. – booking is not necessary to enjoy these attractions.

Paddle board sessions are available 24th August, booking a session is necessary – simply email

However, this scheme is nit without controversy. Some wonder why it’s not free for locals who are currently struggling with the rising cost of living. Debby Mcgowan says, ‘What about the local people who are voting for the councillors and paying taxes and are struggling keeping their kids entertained?’

Louise Holland seems to agree, ‘Is this just another slap in the face for the British people who are struggling to make ends meet and now councils are giving things away free may I add to non-British people who haven’t worked a day here!! The British children need to be looked after and entertained so why not offer it them instead of non-UK.’

David Gregson says to the Council, ‘Hmm, you could of planned this a lot better and said free to Ukrainians and locals cos end day it’s locals who are making them feel welcomed because this is our home! And without locals you would not have the money to buy boats to buy golf equipment or paddle boards so always remember that.’

Phil Taylor adds, ‘So singling out one particular nationality…..hmmmm so if I said “only for English people” wouldn’t that be racist?’

However, Clare Gorst replies, ‘Because as refugees they will only be getting around £40 per week which doesn’t leave much to spend on the kids once you’ve bought food etc.’

On their website Fylde Council have now limited those who can comment on their information post on this initiative.



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  1. I agree wholeheartedly with what they are saying we are paying money into Fylde council and they are giving away things our kids would love but who’s parents just can’t afford it I agree they should make it free for locals too

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