Free Bookings As New Padel Tennis Centre Unveiled In Lowther Gardens

The first Padel tennis centre to be built in the North West of England will be unveiled in Lytham’s Lowther Gardens next week. The new courts comprise two floodlit Padel tennis courts, a floodlit tennis court and a mini tennis/contact tennis court.

Padel tennis is a fun social game with four players on the court. It is a cross between squash and tennis, with a Padel bat not a tennis racket. It is currently one of the most popular sports in Spain where there are 20,000 courts – with over 200 in UK as the sport becomes more popular with many soccer personalities like Jurgen Klopp and David Beckham enjoying the game. First court bookings are free – go to  –  or more details are available from 07957110403.

Tim Lince, Lowther’s Chief Executive Officer and Artist Director, said, ‘Lowther Gardens Trust are thrilled to have this opportunity of working with the developer Steve Riley from SR Sports Activities and hosting Padel and normal tennis in our beautiful Edwardian gardens. We would love to encourage everyone to come and have a go and help celebrate the centenary of Fylde’s jewel in the crown park. Lowther’s Padel tennis courts are part of the refurbishment and revitalisation of the whole site.’ Steve Riley, from the South Shore-based developer SR Sports activities, added, ‘I’m delighted to deliver racket sports activities to Lowther Gardens.’

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