Fylde Council Asks Residents To Reduce The Impact Of Fireworks On Pets & Neighbours

People looking forward to celebrating Bonfire Night this year are being asked to seriously consider reducing the impact of fireworks to avoid scaring animals and vulnerable residents.

As 5th November will soon be upon us – Fylde Council has requested residents to consider attending organised events, or if hosting a private display, opt for silent fireworks and tell neighbours so they can try to prepare their pets.

The  RSPCA Impact Report Survey 2021 received 11,798 reports about animals impacted by fireworks, and 68% of these were on account of private back-yard displays. Unpredictable, loud noises can cause fear and distress to animals and debris from fireworks can also pose a hazard to horses and livestock when left on the ground. Fireworks can also affect older people, children with autism and people with conditions such as PTSD.

Last year the Daily Mirror shared the results of their nationwide poll on banning home fireworks. The verdict from the public was decisive: nine out of 10 people from over 7,000 polled wanted fireworks to be banned from public sale permanently.  For many participants, this choice was linked to the impact that the unexpected bangs and flashes, often over several days, have on domestic pets.

Around 74 per cent said that their dog was afraid of fireworks, with many sharing heart-breaking stories about the impact Bonfire Night festivities have on them.

One said: “I have a dog who spends the weeks before and after fireworks night quivering with fear. I think no fireworks should be sold to the public; they are weapons.”

Another added: “So many pets are scared stiff of them. My vet has now prescribed diazepam for one of my dogs because she gets in such a state.”

A third person also said: “They are terrifying to dogs and our Labrador literally shakes and digs at the floor because she is so scared. She goes in kennels in the middle of nowhere on Bonfire Night and New Year so she is away from them, but we can’t put her in kennels for the full few weeks that people set them off for.”

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