Fylde Council encourages locals to grass on venues as national covid measures tighten

In a recent Facebook post, Fylde Council have asked locals to let them know if they have had a ‘Covid secure’ experience in local public venues. With this they call for the public to effectively ‘grass’ on businesses that are struggling to keep up with Covid rules.

As the country faces stricter lockdown measures, businesses are forced to keep up to date with the latest ‘rules’ set out by the government. Such as: ensuring all customers perform track and trace, masks are to be worn upon entering venue (but taken off at the table), no groups larger than 6 adults, and masks to be worn at all times by front-of-house staff. If venues fail to meet every rule they can be faced with fines up that could ruin the business and cause job losses.

Town councils nationwide must monitor venues in order to ensure the rules have been followed, with inspectors making regular visits and temporarily shutting the venue down when standards are not met. However, it seems the council are struggling to keep up or pay staff to inspect local businesses, and now turn to the public to be their source of information.

Would you make the call and shut a business down for not fully following the Covid rules?

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