Fylde Council have had a lot on their plate since the pandemic altered our lives. With wild parties on the Green when the bars were shut, mounds of litter to sort out, and of course encouraging people to socially distance in public.

There have been complaints that it is difficult to socially distance on Clifton Street in Lytham; with many shop fronts spilling out onto the pavement and minimising pavement space. Locals were finding that they would have to walk into the road to keep at a 2 metre distance from others.

Since shops, bars and pubs reopened, and the sun came back, Lytham’s town centre has been heaving nearly everyday, with locals and holiday-makers alike. Fylde council originally released a first attempt at social distancing rules by following the lead of the shops and creating a one way system around the town. Locals were beside themselves once this was announced, with many exclaiming that it was not possible to follow, and many would not, which in-turn made the system obsolete.

The second attempt involved disallowing cars to park down the main road in Lytham, removing easy access to shops. The system had many complaints, with locals unhappy that a large amount of parking spaces had been removed; this was an annoyance particularly on scorching days when tourists visit and fill up the sea-front car parks.

The third and most recent attempt to get the public to socially distance has involved the cooperation of shops and cafés along the high street through minimising their store fronts. This notion is a lot more welcomes, allowing locals room to walk without obstructing the road and parking spaces.

Fylde council have been working with Lytham Business Partnerships to review the systems put in place, and come up with a solution.