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Fylde Council’s ‘No Mow May’ Springboards A Wealth Of Debate & Opinion

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Fylde Council’s intention to  back the  No Mow May’ initiative has prompted a range of opinions from concerned Lytham St Anne’s residents.

The initial statement from Fylde Council was  ‘ We’re locking up our lawnmowers this May and letting long grass and wild plants grow naturally in some areas of Fylde 🚜🚫. This will provide a much-needed boost for wild plants and other wildlife throughout summer 🌼🌱🌷🌿🌺🌻’

This was qualified later by this Fylde Council post, ‘We have had some comments on our previous post about areas that have been mowed this month. As stated below only some areas of Fylde are being left to grow.

This will still help to increase plant and animal life around our borough boosting the ecosystem 🌍🌻🦋’’

One observation read, ‘Whoever writes these posts doesn’t communicate with those in charge of mowing. Why did you mow Lytham Green?’

A further remark focusing on the Green said, ‘Why is no one from the council explaining why Lytham Green has just been cut so short? A long hot spell predicted by the Met Office means that once again Lytham Green becomes Lytham Yellow.’

Another said, ‘The grass verges beyond Boundary Lane going into Warton just looks a mess, it wouldn’t be so bad if there was a few dedicated areas of wild flowers. How much money is being saved by not mowing all of these areas, and what will it be spent on? I assume we won’t get a refund from our council tax.’

Yet another commented, ‘You cut the grass near me last Monday murdering daisies and dandelions in full bloom’

However, others agreed with .No Mow May’ – for example,  ‘It’s an initiative to help wildlife like butterflies, bees and baby hedgehogs stand a chance. Doesn’t really matter that it looks a mess. It’s for one month!’

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