Fylde MP Menzies Comes Out In Favour Of Rishi Sunak

Fylde MP Mark Menzies has openly come out in favour of Rishi Sunak in the Conservative election process for a new leader and consequently a new Prime Minster for our country.

MP Menzies says, ‘Right now the most important thing to our country is economic stability.

Rishi Sunak has a record of competence in managing our national finances and guided us through the economic challenges of the pandemic, delivering the furlough scheme and support for businesses which helped protect millions of jobs.

We have a shared vision, to invest in and to level up communities across the country and to deliver high skilled, well-paid jobs here in Fylde.

I backed Rishi this summer and I am backing him now, to be the leader our party and our country needs.’

Tory decisions on the selection of the PM are proving to be very divisive to constituents.

With regard to Sunak, Luke Gibbon says, ‘The country cannot end up with Braverman, or back with Johnson. The country is dysfunctional enough as it is. In the absence of a General Election, he is the only viable option I am afraid.’

However, Andy Bradshaw has a different opinion, saying, ‘Boris is the only one voters voted for, Rishi started all this rubbish and he got his own party gate fine as well, if it’s not Boris then you should go back to the polls and see where you all end up. Rishi fixed the last vote so Truss got there instead of Penny, and they’re still trying to fix the vote now.’

John Devereux takes a very different view about all the current candidates, ‘Until you get rid of Boris, Rishi and that whole corrupt cabinet and get back to your true Conservative pro-business policies there are at least 3 million and their families who will not vote for you.’

MP Menzies voted for Sunak in the previous contest, whist Blackpool South MP Benton opted for Truss.

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  1. If we really must have a Conservative PM then Sunak is probably the only option. But now’s the time for honesty and integrity.
    Stop feeding the rich.

    Personally, I believe it’s time for change.

    In all honesty, I’m not sure ANY party will be able to completely fix our beautiful broken country – but I do know that 12 years of Conservative rule has resulted in a steady decline into the mess we are now.

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