Fylde Police Speed Check 283 Vehicles During Wednesday’s Operation Vanquish

Fylde Police say they were out and about on Wednesday 24th May tackling speeding and dangerous driving in the local area as part of the Operation Vanquish initiative.  They report and list what happened:

  • 283 vehicles were speed checked
  • 54 vehicles were found to be driving above 25mph in 20mph zone
  • 2 motorists were seen driving with no seatbelt
  • 1 driver with no insurance
  • Numerous vehicles were checked approaching school locations
  • Checkpoints were set up by specialist teams targeting suspicious vehicles and behaviours

Supt Chris Hardy, Force Lead for Operation Vanquish, said: ‘We are dedicated as a police force to make our roads a safer place for drivers and pedestrians. Operation Vanquish used various methods to tackle issues on the roads in our communities. Lancashire Police will listen to concerns from our communities and take the necessary action to address those issues which come to our attention.’

He added, ‘We are continually told by our communities over the issues speeding and other inconsiderate actions that are committed by a small minority of drivers and the impact it has. The intensification through Operation Vanquish across the force, using our neighbourhood, response and Operations teams, shows our continued targeting in response to the concerns you raise. Thank you to our community volunteers who gave us a helping-hand throughout the day.’

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